Jennie Morrow

Photo of Jennie

Jennie Morrow has painted since childhood and, though having taken many lessons, she never trained formally at an art school and has never studied under one teacher for a long period of time. Therefore, she has not been overly influenced by any one person. The result has been an uninhibited series of experiments and explorations. She has shifted subject matter, styles, developed new techniques and enjoyed going in whatever direction made her excited to get up in the morning. It’s all about the process and about staying totally engaged in what she is doing.

Her work has been sold for many years through galleries in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and it has been added to private collections in the US, Canada and several other countries.

Jennie lives in Mavillette, approx 32 km north of Yarmouth, on the edge of a river that winds through the Mavillette Provincial Park marsh to one of the most beautiful beaches in Canada. She has a studio that is open to the public during the warm weather months (by chance or appointment.) Her work can also be seen at the Old World Bakery & Deli on Main Street, Yarmouth, and on her facebook page, jenniemorrowstudio.

Visit her at: 11 Cape St Mary Rd, Mavillette, Nova Scotia (902) 307-2471

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