Featured Artists

During the season we have a series of Featured Artists who display work with us for a week or more. This adds variety or offerings, gives artists a chance to display their work, and give you a chance to sample the fine work of art in our region. Please visit the Gallery to view work of these Featured Artists.

Noella DeMille: June 1 to 14

NoellaNoella is a member of the Yarmouth Art Society and is well known for her graphite pencil drawings. In her featured artist show she as included a number of her newer works using coloured pencil and other media.




Lynn Comeau: June 15 to 21

P1010627 - Version 2A native of Middle West Pubnico, Nova Scotia, Lynn (d’Eon) Comeau started taking pictures after getting her first small point-and-shoot film camera one Christmas.

Also interested in learning how to paint, she took drawing lessons in the fall of 1999 with Elaine MacEachern, a graduate of Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD). The following year, she also took painting lessons with Elaine, but found the ease and simplicity of drawing (pencils, paper, and eraser, of course) much more enjoyable than she expected.

Lynn had always enjoyed taking photos, but did not get serious about learning about photography until she purchased her Panasonic Lumix Digital camera in the summer of 2007. The following year, she joined the Yarmouth Photography Club, which she is still a member.

She has had some of her work – photographs and artwork – displayed at the Waterfront Gallery in Yarmouth as a featured artist, at the Centre communautaire de Par-en-Bas in Tusket, and was part of an exhibit at the Yarmouth branch of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (Community Room).

She has now graduated to a Nikon D3200 DSLR, and is enjoying how the new camera will broaden her creativity. She likes the simplicity of lines, forms, shadows, and reflections.

She currently resides in Tusket, Nova Scotia.

Jessica Amirault: June 22 to July 5

P1310915Jessica Amirault has been painting since her Mom first taught her when she was about eight years old.

She began to concentrate on her artwork in 2009 as a client of Yarmouth Life Skills. She enjoyed it so much that it became a weekly part of her program.

Jessica has since been commissioned to create several paintings – one even being shipped all the way to Montreal, Quebec. She was extremely honoured to have Zach Churchill, MLA for Yarmouth, ask her to create a painting to hang in his constituency office.

Jessica is a mouth painter. Despite being born with cerebral palsy and being quadriplegic, Jessica does’t let it define who she is or what she can accomplish.

Keith Doucet: July 6 to 12

_3072914Keith was Born in Montreal Quebec but moved to South Western Nova Scotia in 1976, liked it so much he stayed.

I consider myself a serious amateur photographer which is probably the best category to place me in. I’ve been interested in photography since I was nine years old and my mother gave me a plastic Holga camera from the corner drug store that cost about $10.00. A lot of money for what it was back in 1966 I suppose. I recently delved into digital photography after my Minolta X700 35mm film camera started giving me trouble. I figure I deserved a new camera since the last one I bought (Minolta X700) was back in 1982, Now I shoot with an Olympus E510.

I have many years of experience in actual Darkroom work flow. Dealing with Black and White films and paper so, the digital darkroom is just an extension to my physical darkroom knowledge.

I enjoy nature photography and have recently played around with HDR and multiple photos stitched together to make huge panoramas. The images I take are of areas I feel a deep connection with and it is my hope that my audience can share the experience and that they feel compelled to go these areas to experience the natural beauty for them selves.

Robin Jones: July 13 to 26

Picture 3934-2Robin has been painting and drawing since childhood. After retirement in 2002, he began experimenting with water colours, and now this is the only medium that he uses. The majority of his work is produced with transparent water colours. He has not had any formal art education.

He paints in the realist style, and exclusively in Nova Scotia. His subjects are varied and usually found in the areas around Halifax, Yarmouth and the South Shore. His work is always identified by the initials RJin Cadmium Orange, but not always easy to find.

He is a juried water colour artist of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council. His work has been sold in exhibitions, craft shows and gift shops from Truro to Yarmouth. His website is www.rjwatercolour.com.

Nicole Nickerson: July 27 to August 9

NicoleBorn into an Acadian family, I was the youngest of ten children. I was first inspired by by father’s use of his Brownie camera.

I began taking pictures in the late 60’s when I received my very first $1.99 camera as a Christmas gift in elementary school. Over the years I acquired better film cameras, the last one being a Pentax K 1000 with numerous lenses.

Realizing that it was becoming more difficult to find 35mm film, I finally decided to go digital. So, I bought a “point and shoot” Lumix FX35 camera.

Needing to learn how to take pictures in a new medium, I took some lessons and went to workshops. I have now given my own workshop titled “Thinking Outside the Box.”

Over the years I’ve been a member of the Seaside Camera Club, the Pubnico Photo Club, and am currently a member of the Yarmouth Photographic Club.

My photos have been displayed at the Musee Acadien (Acadian Museum) in West Pubnico, the Village Historique Acadien (Historical Acadian Village) in Lower West Pubnico and at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth Branch.

My interests lie upon abstracts, landscapes, nature and quirky.

My feeling is that photographers are people who “capture” moments in time for all eternity. Hope you enjoy examples of my work!

Dianne Surette: August 9 to 30

Hunts Point, N.S. acrylic 30x30Dianne Surette was born in Glenwood, NS, and moved to Church Point in 1975. She started painting as a hobby. Her paintings reflect many themes and are a manifestation of things she holds dear and are filtered through her artistic lens and re-interpreted in a very unique way. Her paintings are not limited to any color scheme. Some are tranquil and peaceful while others are dancing with colors. You may visit la Galerie Dianne Surette at 26 Isaac LeBlanc Road in Church Point, NS, to see more of her striking works.





Simon d’Eon: August 17 to 30

SimoneFrom Simone d’Eon’s paintbrush flows a beautiful story of her native Acadia,centering primarily around the village of West Pubnico where she was born and still lives.

Her oil and watercolor works capture the daily lives of people from her community and surrounding areas. From a natural interest in the arts since her early childhood, Simone has expanded her hobby into a creative force on the local arts scene.In July, 1999, she was awarded the Grand-Pré Prize, a provincial government award recognizing artistic achievement in the Acadian community. In 2004 she was commissioned to create a commemorative poster for the Acadian Congress 2004, depicting the homecoming of the Acadians to Nova Scotia and in 2005 she created a book cover of a romance novel with proceeds for Breast Cancer Foundation. Flowers and seascapes are also among her favorite subjects, and pay homage to beautiful Nova Scotia , Canada.


David Gorman: August 31 to September 13


David Gorman is a Yarmouth native. He has been painting for 20 years. He was primarily trained by the Garson sisters, Trudy and Paula. His paintings are a reflection of his surroundings both in Nova Scotia and reflections of his travels with working in the marine environment. David’s work has been shown both locally and across Canada as well as in publications in the US.



Mariette Amirault: September 14 to September 27

LobasterMariette Amirault was born in Nova Scotia. She moved to Toronto, Ontario, in 1960 where she worked for The Canadian Red Cross and The Canadian Cancer Society, both positions as transportation supervisor. While in Toronto she did a lot of traveling through Ontario, Quebec and the States. She studied art at the Toronto District Board of Education in oil, acrylic, watercolour and Chinese brush painting. Mariette is a member of the Musee des Acadians des Pubnicos de recherche, Conseil Acadien de Par-en-Bas, Tusket and Yarmouth Art Society.





Imelda Currans: September 14 to September 27

IMG_7132Inspired by her natural surroundings, Imelda tries to capture the effect of sunlight on her subjects and plays with colour to bring harmony to her work. She paints mostly from photographs of flowers, boats, landscapes, seascapes, sunsets and whatever the light touches.

She has been painting since the age of 15. Oil has always been her preferred medium although she also uses acrylic and watercolour. For several years, she also studied print making using mostly the etching technique. She has studied under well known regional artists and others from as far away as Portland, Oregon and British Columbia.

Her work is regularly on display at various locations in Nova Scotia from Halifax to her native Acadian fishing village of West Pubnico.