Ivan Blades

painting 2

I have always been creative with my hands and like to spend my time creatively. This act of creating is the driving force in my art and has manifest it’s self in many forms. I do a lot of different art — paint both acrylic and watercolour, make prints and since 1984 have placed ships in bottles. Plein air painting is one of my most recent and enjoyable ways to paint. The sun and light moving, winds blowing, being out side all add to the painting in the moment; it is a lot like life. Staying focused and in the moment takes courage and practice.

I have taken numerous painting class, since 2002, with local and regional artist. I am still acquiring a style of my own and hope to continue to develop my artists ability. I have had my work in several local and regional shows, most recently a solo show, Paint and Ink, at the Yarmouth County Museum. My paintings and prints were well received. This show was a rewarding experience as is being part of the Waterfront Gallery coop.

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