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Mariette Amirault was born in Nova Scotia. She moved to Toronto, Ontario, in 1960 where she worked for The Canadian Red Cross and The Canadian Cancer Society, both positions as transportation supervisor. While in Toronto she did a lot of traveling through Ontario, Quebec and the States. She studied art at the Toronto District Board of Education in oil, acrylic, watercolour and Chinese brush painting. Mariette is a member of the Musee des Acadians des Pubnicos de recherche, Conseil Acadien de Par-en-Bas, Tusket and Yarmouth Art Society.

Cara Lynn Axworthy has been living in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia her entire life. Cara  has been painting for 5 years in acrylic on canvas of landscapes, animals, and humans. She is exhibiting paintings in the Waterfront Gallery for the first time  in the Summer of 2017.

Nadine Belliveau est une artiste visuelle de L’Anse des Belliveau,  Nouvelle-Écosse. Ses tableaux explorent la beauté par l’entremise de styles variés. Son médium est principalement l’acrylique sur toile. On peut voir ses oeuvres à son studio et sur son site web:

Nadine Belliveau is a visual artist from Belliveau Cove,  Nova Scotia. Her paintings explore the beauty through various styles. Her medium is mainly acrylic on canvas. One can see her works in her studio and on her web site.

John Bladek was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  He attended the University of Toronto and graduated with degrees in geology and geography.  He moved to western Canada in 1984 and worked as a geological consultant in the oil and gas industry until 2010 when he retired and moved to the Yarmouth area.

John was introduced to oil painting in a grade 12 art class and painted very little until late 2015. He now paints full time and has recently spent time in Calgary attending classes at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD). He paints primarily in 2 different unique styles.

In Geometric Expressions, he is drawn to the challenge of painting landscapes by simplifying them, using only individual shapes of solid colours and their size, geometry and colour to create recognizable images with depth and 3-dimensionality.

Fish Figments paintings are colourful and fanciful depictions of fish in various flow schemes on a coloured canvas, viewers are encouraged to see “whatever they want to see” in them. John does not use any tape or stencils in either style of painting nor does he draw in the individual components, all are painted freehand.

Selena Crosson  is an enthusiastic convert to the East Coast lifestyle, enjoying the natural beauty and great people in Yarmouth, NS.  She studied art at the University of Saskatchewan and the Banff School of Fine Arts and has taught and sold art professionally for many years.   

Imelda Currens is inspired by her natural surroundings. She tries to capture the effect of sunlight on her subjects and plays with colour to bring harmony to her work. She paints mostly from photographs of flowers, boats, landscapes, seascapes, sunsets and whatever the light touches.

She has been painting since the age of 15. Oil has always been her preferred medium although she also uses acrylic and watercolour. For several years, she also studied print making using mostly the etching technique. She has studied under well known regional artists and others from as far away as Portland, Oregon and British Columbia.

Her work is regularly on display at various locations in Nova Scotia from Halifax to her native Acadian fishing village of West Pubnico.

Joe Colquhoun lives in Yarmouth and paints from the subjects around him. Hi likes colour so the paintings have bright colours. Joe paints in acrylic on canvas. Having painted for 13 years and he is always excited to see what he will paint next.

Karla Delaney was born and raised in the countryside not far from Port Maitland NS. Karla has a great love for the outdoor and is inspired by nature, the world around and the cosmos above. She has always felt in touch with her creative side from a young age and dabbles in various art forms such as; poetry, wood burning, singing, geometrics and body painting. She began to truly focus on painting four years ago after making some life changes, using it as a personal form of healing and meditation. Painting is now a passion which she continues to create and grow daily. She is a self taught Artist, with a diploma in Therapeutic Recreation.

She recently held her first Art Exhibit in February 2017 at Th’Yarc Playhouse & Arts Centre here in Yarmouth titled “The Divine Feminine”. Find her on Facebook as “Edgy Art & Soul” for details of her works and check out some other services she has to offer.

Sharron d’Entremont was born in the UK and lived in Alberta until 2008 when she moved to West Pubnico N.S. A full time Medical Laboratory Technologist, Sharron enjoys being out in nature and bird watching. A self taught artist, she mainly uses her husband Ronnie’s photos as reference material. She works in a multitude of media including watercolour, pastel and coloured pencils. Her favourite subjects are birds, animals and people. In spring of 2017 she completed a series of 32 bird portraits for publication by the Nova Scotia Bird Society.

Travis Doyle, an artist and art educator, was born in Ontario and settled in Yarmouth in 2013 after spending years traveling and working over-seas.  Intrigued by art’s ability to tap into the subconscious much of his work borrows from the automatic art techniques of the surrealist movement.  Travis enjoys painting and sculpture and is honoured to have been invited to display his work at the Waterfront gallery.
 David Gorman is a Yarmouth native. He has been painting for 20 years. He was primarily trained by the Garson sisters, Trudy and Paula. His paintings are a reflection of his surroundings both in Nova Scotia and reflections of his travels with working in the marine environment. David’s work has been shown both locally and across Canada as well as in publications in the US.

Susan Hood is a lampworker. However, lampworkers don’t make lamps! They work with glass rods and a torch to create beads and small sculptures. Susan’s work has been presented at the Golden Globes and Toronto Film Festival; as a collection for the women of the G8 Summit and for Miss Canada. She is most proud of her Children’s Wish  Foundation Bead and the Maud Lewis Bead she designed for the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. More of her work can at and Susan Hood Designs on Facebook.

Margriet Knubben was born and raised in the Netherlands. For many years she worked as a medical laboratory technician, manager of the laboratory and total quality manager of a hospital. Besides her job she loved to draw and paint in all kinds of media. Margriet had her art education in The Netherlands with the great master Dutch painter Michel  Van den  Einden who was her teacher for more than eight years.  She works and teaches in oil and acrylic medium. As a nature lover her subjects are mostly landscapes and animals. Nature gives her peace and comfort and is very inspiring. Painting animals or landscapes gives her a chance to show the beauty of the subjects she admires so much. 
Margriet is also exploring the art of etching at Th’YARC print shop with Cecil Day as a teacher. After retirement her husband, Matthew Van Duin,  and she came to Nova Scotia in 2010. They offer art classes in their studio. Their paintings can be seen at their studio/gallery in Carleton and at art shows in Yarmouth.

Lio Lo an elected member of Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC), was born in Taiwan and studied at the Art College of Tainan for three years earning a Commercial Art Diploma before immigrating to Canada in 1992. In 1998 Lio and her husband Michael located in Shelburne where she began portraying the beauty of coastal Nova Scotia. Lio takes much pleasure in capturing in her work the beauty that surrounds her. Her dedication to detail is evident in her finished projects. Always striving for perfection and welcoming new challenges Lio paints a variety of subjects including landscape, seascape, wildlife, still life, streetscape, floral as well as portraits. She paints mostly in watercolour and often receives her inspiration from her surroundings. Lio does book illustrations and gives workshops during the summer and winter months. She also works with Oil, pen and ink, coloured pencil, as well as Chinese painting. 4673 Highway #103 Jordan Falls., N.S Canada B0T 1J0 Phone: (902)875-4328 email: website:

Caroline Nickerson was born in Ashmore, Nova Scotia, but now resides in Carleton, Nova Scotia, where she retired and took up Folk Art as an artistic pursuit. All of her work is done with natural material, such as dried flowers, leaves, moss and bark. She soon discovered she had a talent for creating art with foliage. Caroline has been doing this for two and a half years and she says she will never run out of material as long as nature provides.

Brian Porter was born in Nova Scotia. He studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. He is an award-winning artist who has shown internationally. He has had numerous solo shows in the Atlantic Provinces and his work has frequently been exhibited throughout Canada. Brian is the subject of two documentaries, one by the National Film Board and one by CBC Television.

Isao Sanami/Morrill has been a potter for over 45 years in Canada (BC, NB, NS) and in Japan. She has received awards and grants including The Canada Council for the Arts. Exhibits at both public and private galleries.

A painter for over 25 years she is recognized by The British Columbia Museum Association and exhibiting at both public and private galleries.

Juergen Schenk is a native of Austria but lives 6 months in Nova Scotia. He roams the beaches there to collect flot- and jetsom for his driftwood sculptures. His art brings into focus the beauty which nature has already provided. Combining the untouched with refined carving he exhibits the partnership of driftwood and design.

Patrick Michael Sweeney  first and foremost strives for an aesthetic quality in his work, with some degree of sympathy toward Oscar Wilde’s aesthetic philosophy and cult of beauty movements of the late 1800’s.  Though Patrick has no formal art education, he believes that any motive in the conceptualization of art, beyond aesthetic value, must be pursued as a secondary measure. This means that a work which aims to be judged foremost by its deeper meaning or message cannot be judged foremost as a work of art, but merely as political opinion, or otherwise.

Whether painting or drawing, Patrick prefers to work with wood canvas due to its durability and its aesthetic qualities. Most of Patrick’s recent work has been created by drawing, staining, or brushing India ink on wooden panels, and this is quickly becoming his signature style. The sanded and unfinished panels display the unique grain patterns of the wood and absorb the ink medium in varying quantities without excessive bleeding. This allows for the ability to add grades of opaqueness when working with non-black inks. From a distance Patrick’s works appear similar to wood burnings. This may be due to Patrick’s inclination to use sepia coloured ink in most of his nature inspired efforts.

Patrick hopes that his pieces will find their way into homes where they can simply be enjoyed for what they are.