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Joe Colquhoun lives in Yarmouth and paints from the subjects around him. He likes colour so the paintings have bright colours. Joe paints in acrylic on canvas. Having painted for 13 years and he is always excited to see what he will paint next.
Ange Crosby was born in Yarmouth and resides on the Main Shore road.She was exposed to arts and crafts at a very young age with a true love for clay. When working with clay she goes into her own little world for hours; it is very relaxing and enjoyable for her. As her husband says “he’s a widower to an artist.”
Roger dEntremont has been oil painting off and on since his mid twenties, mainly for family and friends. Retirement has given him more time to research different subjects, mainly seascapes and landscapes of the tri-counties. You’ve probably seen him walking along the beaches or wharves with his camera in hand. Travelling abroad has also given him many different themes as references, especially through Italy and France. His clients have also expanded his interest in different areas. Mostly self-taught, he’s still experimenting with technique and prospective. Using a brush, painting knife or sometimes a finger, each changes the feel of the painting adding new depth to his creativity. Originally from Middle West Pubnico, he now resides in Glenwood, Yarmouth County.
Simone d’Eon From Simone d’Eon’s paintbrush flows a beautiful story of her native Acadia, centering primarily around the village of West Pubnico where she was born and still lives. Her oil works capture the daily lives of people from her community and surrounding areas.  From a natural interest in the arts since her early childhood, Simone has expanded her hobby into a creative force on the local arts scene.In July, 1999, she was awarded the Grand-Pré Prize, a provincial government award recognizing artistic achievement in the Acadian community. Flowers and seascapes are also among her favourite subjects, and pay homage to beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.
Jan Duffy was born in the UK, came to Canada as a teenager and spent most of her life in the Greater Toronto Area pursuing a successful career as a management consultant, making jewelry as a way to relax and refocus in the evenings.

In 2005, looking for a radical lifestyle change she bought a rundown house in the Limousin in Central France and spent the next few years focused on renovations, satisfying her need to create a welcoming home in which to entertain friends and family. At the same time she continued her career as a computer industry analyst, while spending many hours improving her French language skills and making jewelry as often as she could.

In 2012 she moved to Bloomfield in Prince Edward County and committed many to making jewelry full time.  Subsequently she moved to beautiful Salmon River, NS with her husband where they opened Studio 5390.  Jan is a mixed media artist, primarily working with copper and silver wire to compliment her handmade porcelain beads and pendants.

David Gorman is a Yarmouth native. He has been painting for 20 years. He was primarily trained by the Garson sisters, Trudy and Paula. His paintings are a reflection of his surroundings both in Nova Scotia and reflections of his travels with working in the marine environment. David’s work has been shown both locally and across Canada as well as in publications in the US.

Gilles Korent has always been keen on capturing life though camera and lens, his artistic endeavours really began with paper, pencils and brushes. Through drawing and painting. he trained his eye for composition and the representation of fine details. For the past few years, as an avid outdoorsman, his focus has moved to photographing the natural world he lives in and his artistic training and background really shows as a ‘fine art’ Nature and Wildlife photographer.

Betty Kowall was born in San Francisco and raised in California.  She moved to British Columbia when she became a student at the University of British Columbia to study Theatre and Education, and then stayed on in Canada after graduation. She taught school in British Columbia for a number of years until she moved to Ontario and enrolled at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.  She graduated with a major in Printmaking but enjoyed Ceramics and Drawing very much as well. After graduation her work in many other areas seemed to get in the way of pursuing her art interests, so they were put on hold until she retired and moved to Nova Scotia in 2013. Then she finally had the time to concentrate on art again, and has been focusing mostly on printmaking these days. She now lives in Mayflower surrounded by amazing natural beauty on the edge of the Salmon River.  Having always been an animal lover, she presently shares her home with a dog and five cats.

Kellianne Land  is a muralist and artist. Natural beauty and allegory are her main inspirations. While studying the history of textiles at Concordia University (Montreal) she became inspired by the diversity of cultural iconography which led her to pursue decorative art. As a partner in Schmidt Mandell Studios she became adebt at creating interiors, including murals and cabinetry design, for commercial and residential clients in Charleston South Carolina.

Returning to Ontario seven years ago, Land started to awaken her earlier fine art pursuits. She has been a member of Headwaters Art Association, The Brushfire Artists and has volunteered her talents in creating spaces for several institutions (such as St. James Anglican”s “The Butterfly Hall” in Fergus).

Painting the beautiful, iconic landscape of Southern Ontario “en plein air” has also been a significant part of her practice. The riverside is her main inspiration. While re-invigorating her drawing skills at Guelph University Land started to work on a series of drawings and mixed medium assemblages in her studio. The subjects range from the passage of time, the nature of being, mythology/allegory and pure abstraction.  She also writes icons as a devotional practice.

Ms Land now resides and continues her practice on the South Western shore of Nova Scotia. Working with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia on ArtReach programs for children and youth, volunteering for the  Autism Arts classes and was Artist in Residence for Holy Trinity Arts at Holy Trinity Anglican Church for 6 months in 2018. She presently works at the Western Branch of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, organizes life drawing sessions at Holy Trinity Hall, and is fascilitating a pilot project called “Art Explorations”  with Southwest Nova Employment Center.

Roy Mandell was born in Winthrop, Massachusetts in 1942 and now lives in Wedgeport, NS. His studies include: a B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art, an M.F.A. from Penn State University and study at Gandy Brody School, in Newfane, Vermont. His exhibitions include: 1965 – 1973, Group and Solo Exhibits in Boston, Needham and Greenfield, MA; 1975 – 1995 Works exhibited at Kastel Gallery, Montreal, PQ; 1981  Retrospective – Traveling Exhibit by The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS; 1981- Solo Exhibit, Kastel Gallery, Montreal, PQ; 1984 – Solo Exhibit, Duke of Argyle Gallery, Halifax, NS; 1985 – Solo Exhibit, Kastel Gallery, Montreal, PQ; 1990 – Solo Exhibit, Kastel Gallery, Montreal, PQ; 1995 – 2005, Owner and designer at Schmidt Mandell Studio; 2005 – 2013 At the Sign of the Whale, Yarmouth, NS and 2009 – 2013, Zwickers, Halifax, NS. He has also taught at a number of universities and other locations.

Lio Lo an elected member of Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC), was born in Taiwan and studied at the Art College of Tainan for three years earning a Commercial Art Diploma before immigrating to Canada in 1992. In 1998 Lio and her husband Michael located in Shelburne where she began portraying the beauty of coastal Nova Scotia. Lio takes much pleasure in capturing in her work the beauty that surrounds her. Her dedication to detail is evident in her finished projects. Always striving for perfection and welcoming new challenges Lio paints a variety of subjects including landscape, seascape, wildlife, still life, streetscape, floral as well as portraits. She paints mostly in watercolour and often receives her inspiration from her surroundings. Lio does book illustrations and gives workshops during the summer and winter months. She also works with Oil, pen and ink, coloured pencil, as well as Chinese painting. 4673 Highway #103 Jordan Falls., N.S Canada B0T 1J0 Phone: (902)875-4328 email: website:

Caroline Nickerson was born in Ashmore, Nova Scotia, but now resides in Carleton, Nova Scotia, where she retired and took up Folk Art as an artistic pursuit. All of her work is done with natural material, such as dried flowers, leaves, moss and bark. She soon discovered she had a talent for creating art with foliage. Caroline has been doing this for two and a half years and she says she will never run out of material as long as nature provides.

Jachin Parent was born in England in 2004. He moved to the French Shore of Nova Scotia in 2015. Although busy with schooling he enjoys farming and family time. He also enjoys quiet time to let his thoughts blend with his feelings and express himself in a very unique way. Jachin is an artist; he puts his skills to work not on canvas but on water. He loves to see the expressions of happiness on peoples’ faces when they see what he does with paint on water.

Jachin does what is called “Ebru” or more commonly “Marble papering. It is the art of creating colourful patterns by sprinkling and brushing colour pigments on a pan of oily water and then transferring this pattern to paper. Each paper is unique and impossible to duplicate exactly. Done in warm pastels or exploding brilliant colours both capture the imagination.

Brian Porter was born in Nova Scotia. He studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University. He is an award-winning artist who has shown internationally. He has had numerous solo shows in the Atlantic Provinces and his work has frequently been exhibited throughout Canada. Brian is the subject of two documentaries, one by the National Film Board and one by CBC Television.

Jill Robbins  is a Yarmouth-born artist who attended Saint Mary’s University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her hand-painted wooden Easter eggs are popular throughout the province and she has displayed seasonal items at annual local craft shows.  She displays and sells her 100% wool hooked rugs and mats as a member of The Rugg Bees rug hooking group.

Juergen Schenk is a native of Austria but lives 6 months in Nova Scotia. He roams the beaches there to collect flot- and jetsom for his driftwood sculptures. His art brings into focus the beauty which nature has already provided. Combining the untouched with refined carving he exhibits the partnership of driftwood and design.

David Scott was Born in Melbourne, Australia, and lived most of his early life near Hobart, Tasmania. He studied ceramics in Hobart and in 1995 Scott’s Pottery was launched in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania. Much of David’s work was sold through the galleries in Salamanca Place in Hobart. At that time, he produced decorative and functional terra cotta pots — big platters, big crocks, bowls in various sizes, mugs, jugs.

In 2010 David left Australia to join his wife in the UK and they shared their time between London and a small village near Limoges in the Limousin, France where Poterie St. Bonnet Briance was opened. The pots were slip-decorated glazed earthenware influenced in form by traditional English and French country pottery.

In 2012 David and his wife Jan Duffy moved to Bloomfield in Prince Edward County, Ontario and Pottery31 was established and then in 2017 to beautiful Salmon River, Nova Scotia where Studio 5390 was conceived and David continues with his passion, producing beautiful hand-thrown, hand-decorated, glazed stoneware.

Barbara Surette was exposed to different types of needle work at an early age, but it wasn’t until she retired from teaching that she was able to take up rug hooking. She has attended Nova Scotia Rug School for most of the last 18 years and taken other local courses. Her work is displayed and sold in a variety of arts and crafts venues. She hopes that a piece will brighten a corner of your lifevy

Brenda Levy Tate is a nature photographer, poet and essayist who was born and raised in Nova Scotia. A retired drama/English teacher, she still devotes herself to the creative arts.  As astronomer Tim Doucette’s assistant at Deep Sky Eye Observatory in Quinan, she can capture photos of distant space objects through his large telescope.  On rambles around the local countryside, she sets up her camera and lenses to catch the Milky Way, constellations and meteors. Brenda also enjoys daytime subjects but has chosen to limit her first Waterfront Gallery showing to night-sky images. You’re invited to visit her websites at or